How Soon Will I See Results from Kybella®?

Model With Smooth Facial Skin Showing No Wrinkles
If you’re looking for a surefire way to get rid of your double chin without invasive surgery and liposuction, then Kybella® may be just what you need. This non-surgical, FDA-approved treatment for resolving excess fat under the chin is desired by many people throughout New Jersey.
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How To Wash Your Face The Right Way

young woman smiling and touching her face.
By ZO SKIN HEALTH Cleansing should be the simplest part of your daily skin care routine. You may not realize that some all too common bad habits can cause a whole list of skin problems, including dry patches, irritation, oiliness, redness, clogged pores, and breakouts. Cleansing before you go to bed is an essential part of keeping your skin healthy. During the day the oils on...
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The Anatomy of Dark Circles

Blond woman wearing a black top and with her hands on her face.
By ZO SKIN HEALTH The skin around your eyes is the thinnest on the body, which accounts for why it is so prone to environmental abuse and the effects of stress and sun exposure. The skin around the eyes is one of the first places signs of aging like crow’s feet, crepey skin, puffiness and dark circles. The area around the lower eyelids is also...
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Benefits of Dermaplaning/Epidermal Leveling

young female having a conversation with another woman
Dermaplaning is essentially shaving, but instead of the bacteria filled, dull razor in your shower you used on your body, the aesthetician uses a sterile medical grade blade to exfoliate skin, while removing fine, vellus hair.  The results are glowing, smooth skin, prepared for deeper penetration to absorb serums and treatments such as chemical peels. The hair will not grow back thicker or darker as...
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Benefits of Starting Botox® in Your 20’s

Female Caucasian Face With Eyes Closed Wearing Gold Heart Earrings
Perhaps you always thought of Botox® injections as something you may choose to begin when you are older or “middle aged”. Think again! Today, more and more New Jersey men and women are starting neurotoxin injections in their 20’s, and achieving amazing, long-lasting results!
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Top 3 Most Popular Non-Surgical Cosmetic Treatments

Brunette Woman With Beautiful Skin Touching One Hand to Cheek
Non-surgical cosmetic treatments offered at Dr. Mohit Sood’s New Jersey Med Spa can help you achieve incredible results, sometimes allowing you to look years younger! Men and women alike come to Sood Center for Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery for various non-surgical procedures to address concerns such as facial imperfections, fine facial lines and wrinkles, stubborn fatty deposits, acne scars, and the general effects aging has on face and body.
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Laser Treatments for a More Beautiful YOU!

Beautiful Woman With Gray Eyes Framing Flawless Face With Hands
Did years of fun in the sun leave your skin with dreadful sun damage? Maybe you have unwanted hair that you would love to be gone forever! Broken capillaries? Rosacea? Fine lines and wrinkles? Lasers are the current wave of popular cosmetic procedures that could help reverse, slow down, and even prevent these concerns! Reset the clock and look more youthful with the appropriate laser treatment!
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