Can I Build Up a Resistance to Botox®?

Model Cosidering Botox Touching Crow's Feet on Eye
Botox® has been on the US market since the 1980s, helping to slow down and erase signs of aging. Over the 40 years this injectable has been on the market, doctors like Dr. Sood of Sood Center for Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery, have learned that receiving regular maintenance injections of Botox® offers patients long-lasting effects and helps them minimize and slow down the signs of aging.
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Benefits of Starting Botox® in Your 20’s

Female Caucasian Face With Eyes Closed Wearing Gold Heart Earrings
Perhaps you always thought of Botox® injections as something you may choose to begin when you are older or “middle aged”. Think again! Today, more and more New Jersey men and women are starting neurotoxin injections in their 20’s, and achieving amazing, long-lasting results!
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