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Breast Augmentation

Achieve Larger, Shapelier Breasts with Implants in Linwood and Haddonfield, New Jersey

Simply put, breast augmentation at New Jersey’s Sood Center involves the use of implants to increase the size of the breasts for a rounder look, improved symmetry, and more. Board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Mohit Sood and his team can improve the fullness and projection of the breasts with breast implants—which can also boost your confidence!

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Breast Surgery

What Is Breast Augmentation?

Weight fluctuations, pregnancy, aging, and other factors can all cause the breasts to lose volume. Many women may also have naturally small breasts in the first place. Breast augmentation—which is also sometimes referred to as augmentation mammoplasty or a “boob job” by patients—is a cosmetic surgery procedure that involves using implants to achieve larger or shapelier breasts.

This won’t be a “one size fits all” operation. Breast augmentation is a highly customizable and patient-specific procedure, since patients have the ability to choose their implant material, implant size, incision placement, and many other features. Your breast enhancement surgery will be tailored to your unique and specific needs, from a standard procedure to a “mini” augmentation.

What Can a Breast Augmentation Address?


Breast implants have many major benefits, and patients may decide to undergo this procedure for a variety of reasons. Some of the main benefits of breast augmentation include increasing the fullness and projection of the breasts, enhancing the balance of the breast and hip contours, and boosting your self-image and self-confidence. Some breast enhancement patients may simply want to increase the size of naturally small breasts or restore volume that has been lost. Others may want to reconstruct their breasts after a mastectomy, repair their breasts after an injury, or address asymmetrical breasts. Male breast enhancement can be part of gender-affirming care.

How Much Does a Breast Augmentation Cost?

The cost of breast augmentation varies and is based on a range of factors, including the type of implants used, the extent of the procedure, and other surgical details. The costs may also include anesthesia fees, hospital or surgical facility costs, medical tests, post-surgery garments, prescriptions for medication, and other pre-surgery or post-surgery needs. Dr. Sood will explain everything you need to know about how much the augmentation surgery costs, as well as other details of breast augmentation pricing, including options for financing, when you meet with him so that you can determine your final fee.

Photo Gallery

You can read all you want about your procedure or treatment of choice, but nothing beats seeing how the results can look in real life! Browse the Sood Center photo gallery for before-and-after images of patients from NJ in Haddonfield, Linwood, and beyond.

How Do You Prepare for Breast Augmentation?

Intentional preparation will help to ensure a smooth recovery and optimal results from breast surgery. When preparing for breast augmentation, you may need to get a blood test, adjust how you are taking certain medications, quit smoking, and avoid aspirin or other medications that thin the blood.

What Are Your Options for Breast Augmentation?

There are two main types of implants used for breast implant procedures: saline and silicone. Saline implants contain sterile saltwater. Silicone implants, or “gummy bear” implants, are filled with a fixed amount of silicone gel. Appearance based on the implant volume and various projection and firmness options desired can be established. Both types of implants are housed in a silicone shell. Some patients may also choose fat transfer for an even more natural-looking enhancement.

The best options for breast enlargement for you will depend on your body type, breast shape, skin type, medical history, and aesthetic goals. It’s important to consider each choice carefully, since each has its own unique benefits. It’s also important to understand that you will not be making these decisions alone. Dr. Sood and Sood Center’s team will counsel you every step of the way so you can be confident in your ultimate choice—and pleased with your beautiful results.




As a double board-certified general, reconstructive, and plastic surgeon, Dr. Mohit Sood leads Sood Center for Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery with his years of practical experience and patient-centered approach to care. His surgical philosophy is rooted in his belief that every patient should be treated with dignity and compassion in the pursuit of technically superior results.
Dr. Sood’s thorough knowledge of anatomy and advanced surgical techniques informs every procedure he performs. In addition to a vast range of cosmetic surgery options, he also specializes in hand surgery, burn and complex wound care, and skin care. His approach to honoring his plastic surgery patients by applying his considerable talent to their unique goals is shared by his welcoming staff.
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Dr. Mohit Sood

What Is the Sood Center Breast Augmentation Experience?

Dr. Sood will begin each breast enhancement procedure with an in-depth conversation, during which he will go over your medical history while discussing your goals and expectations. Together, you will go over the decisions you will need to make for a successful breast augmentation, such as the type of implant or fat transfer to the breasts, implant size, incision type, implant placement, and projection desired. Looking at before-and-after augmentation photos and talking to Dr. Sood about your goals can help you to have realistic expectations about what breast implants can do.

During the surgical procedure itself, anesthesia will be administered for your comfort. Incisions will be made in specific areas, and the implant will then be inserted into the breast pocket. The way the implants are inserted and positioned will vary depending on the patient.

Once the implants are in place, layered sutures, skin adhesive, or surgical tape will be used to close the incisions. The results will be visible right away, although it will take some additional time for the implants to “settle” into their final position and for the breasts to reveal their ultimate size and shape.

What Happens After a Breast Augmentation Procedure?

Following breast augmentation, your breasts will be wrapped in gauze dressings and an elastic bandage or support bra. This will help to keep swelling down and provide support for the breasts as they heal.

Once you are stable for discharge, you will be allowed to go home if you are having outpatient surgery. Dr. Sood and his team will give you post-operative guidelines for breast augmentation recovery and provide certain medications or a prescription.

Common side effects for any type of augmentation—including breast enhancement—are temporary discomfort, swelling, and bruising. The recovery timeline depends on the extent of the breast augmentation procedure and how you naturally heal. Incision lines will eventually fade over time, and although they may always be slightly visible, Dr. Sood takes great care to position them so that they blend in with natural lines and are as unobtrusive as possible. Careful attention is paid post-surgery to minimize scarring.


What Happens After a Breast Augmentation Procedure?

Following breast augmentation, your breasts will be wrapped in gauze dressings and an elastic bandage or support bra. This will help to keep swelling down and provide support for the breasts as they heal.

Once you are stable for discharge, you will be allowed to go home if you are having outpatient surgery. Dr. Sood and his team will give you post-operative guidelines for breast augmentation recovery and provide certain medications or a prescription.

How Many Breast Augmentation Procedures Will I Need?

Breast augmentation provides results that can potentially last for decades. There is no set “lifespan” for implants, but patients should understand that they are not lifetime devices. Many patients eventually opt for a secondary surgery in the form of breast implant revision or breast implant removal in order to achieve a newly refined look as they get older and their body, tastes, and style preferences continue to grow and change.

Who Is a Good Candidate for a Breast Augmentation?

The best candidates for breast augmentation include those who are over the age of 18, are in good health, maintain realistic expectations, have fully developed and matured breasts, are not pregnant or breastfeeding, and are unhappy because they feel like their breasts are too small. If your breasts are asymmetrical or have lost shape or volume due to weight fluctuations, pregnancy, or aging, a breast augmentation could be ideal for you.

For more advice about how you can improve the size and shape of your breasts with breast augmentation in New Jersey, contact Sood Center by calling Linwood (609.904.5390) or Haddonfield (856.403.9686) to request a consultation today.


I had a breast augmentation performed by Dr. Sood at the end of 2013.  My goal was to have my breast look fuller again after having breastfed 3 children.  Dr. Sood was very helpful before and after the surgery.  I am totally pleased with the results and have recommended several women to make an appointment to see Dr. Sood.”


Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Sood and his team will work with you to evaluate your options and help you decide on the best course of action to take based on your unique circumstances. When it comes to any form of cosmetic surgery—including breast augmentation—Dr. Sood and his team aim to provide the highest standard of safety while delivering exceptional results that are tailored to each patient’s needs. Don’t simply find the first plastic surgeon offering breast augmentation “near me” and head over. Take the time to meet with a plastic surgeon committed to excellence.

Sood Center offers other cosmetic surgery procedures for the breasts, including breast lift surgery to address sagging and restore shapelier, more lifted breasts, as well as breast reduction for patients who have overly large breasts that cause physical discomfort and draw unwanted attention. We do not recommend nonsurgical treatments, like fillers, for breast enhancement.

For patients who want to address the proportions of other areas of the body, we provide liposuction to reduce isolated pockets of diet-resistant fat, tummy tuck surgery for a more toned midsection, Brazilian butt lift surgery to add volume and reshape the buttocks, and more. We will talk to you about your goals and help you decide on the best strategy for you based on your unique needs.

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