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Refine Your Appearance Below Your Chin and Jawline in Linwood and Haddonfield, New Jersey

Say goodbye to sagging skin and get a tighter, more youthful silhouette with a neck lift at New Jersey’s Sood Center. Our dedicated team, led by Dr. Mohit Sood, employs the latest surgical techniques to lift and tighten skin, restoring youthful neck contours and enhancing your overall appearance.

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To start your journey to a sleeker profile with a neck lift in New Jersey, contact us at 609.904.5390 (Linwood) or 856.403.9686 (Haddonfield), or send us a message online.


What Is a Neck Lift?

A neck lift—or lower rhytidectomy—is a surgical procedure designed to reduce signs of aging in the neck, jawline, and lower third of the face. It addresses such cosmetic issues as loose neck skin, jowls, or excess fat and can significantly improve your profile and overall appearance.

What Can a Neck Lift Treat?

A neck lift is a versatile procedure, but is not often performed on its own. Patients who have lax skin on the neck tend to have the same problem on the lower and mid-face, which means the surgery is most commonly combined with a facelift. That said, there are many specific features a lower rhytidectomy can address:


Jowls typically refer to the drooping skin that hangs below your chin or jawline. Over time, a decrease in skin elasticity and a shift in facial fat contribute to the formation of jowls, affecting the structured look of the neck and lower face. A neck lift helps address these by tightening loose skin and redefining the jawline.

Turkey Neck

This term refers to the appearance of loose, sagging skin below the chin and on the neck—somewhat resembling a turkey’s wattle. A neck lift can correct this by removing excess skin and tightening the underlying neck muscles.

Double Chin

A double chin is an isolated pocket of large fat cells that develops beneath the chin. This can happen because of weight gain, genetics, age, and other factors. Removing the fat via liposuction—or even nonsurgical strategies like CoolSculpting® or injectable Kybella®—often solves the cosmetic problem. If the double chin is primarily due to sagging skin or muscle laxity, a neck lift can significantly improve the neck contours.

Wrinkles and Lines

Neck lift surgery can also alleviate the appearance of age-related wrinkles and lines in the neck area and lower third of the face by removing excess skin and making tissues tighter so that folds don’t show.

Muscle Banding

When the muscles in your neck begin to weaken and sag with age, visible bands can form—especially if fat diminishes and skin thins as well. A neck lift can address these bands by tightening the platysma muscle, giving the neck a smoother appearance.

How Much Does a Neck Lift Cost?

Neck lift pricing depends on several factors, including the extent of treatment and individual patient goals. During your consultation, we’ll provide you with a detailed cost analysis based on your personalized treatment plan.

Photo Gallery

You can read all you want about your procedure or treatment of choice, but nothing beats seeing how the results can look in real life! Browse the Sood Center photo gallery for before-and-after images of patients from NJ in Haddonfield, Linwood, and beyond.

What Is the Sood Center Neck Lift Experience?

Sood Center provides a unique neck lift experience aimed at restoring youthfulness and redefining your neck contours in a reassuring and comforting environment.

Starting with a comprehensive initial consultation, our team seeks to understand your concerns and desired outcomes. We also interpret your medical history, leading to a detailed evaluation of your skin type, elasticity, and neck condition.

This evaluation guides us to the most suitable approach for your treatment, whether that’s a traditional neck lift, a limited incision neck lift, or neck liposuction. Dr. Sood, a renowned plastic and reconstructive surgeon, takes the lead in developing a bespoke surgical plan considering your unique factors.

For the procedure itself, Dr. Sood skillfully executes the neck lift by strategically placing incisions, then removing or rearranging excess skin and fat for a smoother, leaner, and more youthful appearance. For some patients, the platysma muscle is tightened for enhanced contours, always ensuring a natural and balanced look.

Post-procedure, we offer meticulous aftercare instructions and carry out regular follow-up visits to ensure a smooth recovery. There is very little pain during recovery, and most patients are surprised at how good they feel even a week out.

What Happens After a Neck Lift?

Following your neck lift, you’ll likely experience some swelling and discomfort, easily managed with prescribed medication. You are given a garment to help with recovery. A full recovery time of several weeks is generally expected, with recommendations for downtime and care provided by our team to enhance your healing process.




As a double board-certified general, reconstructive, and plastic surgeon, Dr. Mohit Sood leads Sood Center for Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery with his years of practical experience and patient-centered approach to care. His surgical philosophy is rooted in his belief that every patient should be treated with dignity and compassion in the pursuit of technically superior results.
Dr. Sood’s thorough knowledge of anatomy and advanced surgical techniques informs every procedure he performs. In addition to a vast range of cosmetic surgery options, he also specializes in hand surgery, burn and complex wound care, and skin care. His approach to honoring his plastic surgery patients by applying his considerable talent to their unique goals is shared by his welcoming staff.
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Dr. Mohit Sood

Is a Neck Lift Suitable for Everyone?

A neck lift is a procedure that can greatly improve the appearance of your profile. During your consultation, our team will carefully assess your health, engage in a through discussion about your desired surgical outcomes, and determine whether a neck lift is a suitable procedure for you.

Why Choose Sood Center for a Neck Lift?

At Sood Center, we prioritize providing excellent patient care and delivering exceptional results. Our team, led by Dr. Sood, is dedicated to providing you with a comfortable and satisfying experience. We have a wealth of experience, modern equipment, and a genuine passion for ensuring your satisfaction as our patient.

What Other Facial Sculpting Treatments Are Available?

In addition to neck lifts, Sood Center offers a range of procedures designed to enhance your facial aesthetics, such as facelifts, brow lifts, and eyelid surgeries. We are more than happy to discuss these options with you during your consultation.

Discover the benefits of a neck lift in New Jersey for a rejuvenated, youthful profile. Contact Sood Center at Linwood (609.904.5390) and Haddonfield (856.403.9686), to schedule a consultation today.

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