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Restore Youth to Your Eye Area in Linwood and Haddonfield, New Jersey

For anyone dealing with a “heavy” brow or drooping forehead, Sood Center offers an advanced technique known as a brow lift. New Jersey plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Mohit Sood has extensive experience with this cosmetic surgery—also known as a forehead lift or eyebrow lift—for reviving your youthful, energized look. Expect beautiful results that rejuvenate your forehead and eye region.

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Reach out to us at 609.904.5390 (Linwood) or 856.403.9686 (Haddonfield), or submit your appointment request online to start your journey toward an uplifted and refreshed appearance.


What Is a Brow Lift?

A brow lift is a surgery that aims to elevate the skin and tissues above your eyebrows. The focus is on addressing drooping tissue and a sagging look. Frown lines and horizontal forehead lines may be impacted, but those signs of aging are best treated with other strategies, such as muscle-relaxing BOTOX® or Dysport®. This procedure can be paired with additional treatments such as eyelid surgery to specifically address the upper and lower lids, as well as facelift surgery for creases and sagging on the mid and lower face. The benefit of this combination is in the harmonious outcome—maximizing the youthful effect and facial balance. The intricacies and potential benefits of these combined treatments are best explained during a detailed consultation with Dr. Sood, ensuring a treatment plan that’s tailored to meet your individual aesthetic objectives.

What Can a Brow Lift Address?

A brow lift is ideal for people who want to address drooping eyebrows, forehead wrinkles, frown lines, age-induced brow heaviness, and more.

How Much Does a Brow Lift Cost?

The cost of a brow lift can vary based on individual needs, treatment complexity, and other details unique to you. We will discuss all of these elements with you during your consultation so that you are comfortable with the procedure and its cost.

Photo Gallery

You can read all you want about your procedure or treatment of choice, but nothing beats seeing how the results can look in real life! Browse the Sood Center photo gallery for before-and-after images of patients from NJ in Haddonfield, Linwood, and beyond.

What Is the Sood Center Brow Lift Experience?

Your journey begins with a comprehensive consultation. Here, our team assesses your forehead (and overall face) and skin quality, as well as discusses your desired aesthetic results to create your customized treatment plan.

The brow lift itself is performed by Dr. Mohit Sood, a seasoned professional who takes pride in delivering highly satisfying results. Post-procedure, we provide clear guidance on how to care for your brow area to maximize the treatment’s benefits.

What Happens After a Brow Lift Procedure?

Following brow lift surgery, minor swelling or bruising may occur, but should fade over the following days. Any temporary discomfort can generally be managed with prescribed pain medication.
Forehead lift patients typically feel comfortable returning to their regular routine within one to two weeks of their procedure. Faster recovery is encouraged by following all post-op instructions outlined by our team.

Is Brow Lift Suitable for Everyone?

While a brow lift is effective, it may not be the best facial rejuvenation approach for everyone. Factors such as age, overall health, lifestyle habits, and realistic expectations are taken into consideration during our initial consultation.

We provide other surgical options, as well as non-surgical treatments, so we can create a plan for virtually anyone who wants to achieve a more youthful look.




As a double board-certified general, reconstructive, and plastic surgeon, Dr. Mohit Sood leads Sood Center for Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery with his years of practical experience and patient-centered approach to care. His surgical philosophy is rooted in his belief that every patient should be treated with dignity and compassion in the pursuit of technically superior results.
Dr. Sood’s thorough knowledge of anatomy and advanced surgical techniques informs every procedure he performs. In addition to a vast range of cosmetic surgery options, he also specializes in hand surgery, burn and complex wound care, and skin care. His approach to honoring his plastic surgery patients by applying his considerable talent to their unique goals is shared by his welcoming staff.
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Dr. Mohit Sood

Why Choose Sood Center for a Brow Lift?

At Sood Center, our primary commitment is to ensure that our patients receive first-rate care and beautiful results. Our team, led by the distinguished Dr. Sood—a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon—is geared toward helping you achieve a more youthful appearance with our specialized forehead lift procedures.

Dr. Sood’s skill set is a blend of an artist’s vision and a surgeon’s accuracy. With a wealth of experience under his belt, he meticulously performs each brow lift procedure, considering minute details and crafting results that are aligned with the unique desires of his patients. His tireless pursuit of perfection drives the results enjoyed by women and men alike who seek his services.

Trust Dr. Sood to seamlessly blend his technical knowledge with an empathetic approach as he guides you through the procedure, ensuring that you feel confident and reassured at every step along the path to a younger-looking and more vibrant you.

What Other Surgical Procedures Are Available?

In addition to a brow lift, Sood Center provides numerous other aesthetic procedures like facelifts and eyelid surgery. We will gladly discuss these other facial surgery options during your consultation.

To schedule your brow lift in New Jersey, contact Sood Center in Linwood (609.904.5390) or Haddonfield (856.403.9686) today. Start your journey toward a fresher, younger-looking you!

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