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Get Rid of Chin Fullness Non-Surgically in Linwood and Haddonfield, New Jersey

For anyone struggling with stubborn chin fullness that diet and exercise just can’t seem to touch, Kybella® at New Jersey’s Sood Center is an ideal solution. Dr. Mohit Sood and our medspa team are proud to provide this innovative treatment to help you regain your confidence and achieve a well-defined jawline by addressing a stubborn double chin.

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Book your Kybella® treatment at New Jersey’s Sood Center now! Contact 609.904.5390 (Linwood) or 856.403.9686 (Haddonfield), or send us a message online.

What Is Kybella®?

Say goodbye to a double chin with the revolutionary Kybella®! This FDA-approved treatment helps to get rid of moderate to severe fat below the chin (submental fat), giving you a rejuvenated and youthful look.

The injectable utilizes a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid. This naturally occurring molecule breaks down fat in the body for absorption, which means you can achieve visible results without any downtime or surgery.

What Can Kybella® Treat?

While Kybella® is FDA approved for reducing double chins, it is also commonly used by experienced injectors to treat small, isolated pockets of fat elsewhere on the body.

How Much Does Kybella® Cost?

The overall cost of a Kybella® treatment depends on the number of injection sessions required to achieve ideal results, as well as other details. All of this can be discussed with Sood Center’s team at your consultation.

What Is the Sood Center Kybella® Experience?

You will first discuss your expectations, learn about the double chin reduction process, and determine the best course of treatment during your initial consultation with our team.

For the treatment itself, your face will be cleansed in advance, and a topical anaesthetic can be applied if desired for enhanced comfort during the treatment process. Each injection is carefully made into the fat under your chin—or elsewhere—using a fine needle. This process usually lasts between 15 to 20 minutes.

What Happens After a Kybella® Treatment?

Temporary swelling, bruising, or numbness under your chin may develop. You will receive aftercare instructions to help improve comfort and optimal results. The effects typically appear after two to four treatment sessions, spaced at least one month apart. Remember that patience is a virtue, as the final results can take up to six months to fully set in!

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

The number of necessary treatments varies, usually ranging from two to six sessions, depending on the amount of chin fat present, your desired outcome, and other factors.

How Long Do Kybella® Results Last?

The beauty of Kybella® is that once the fat cells are broken down, they’re gone for good! The remaining fat cells can grow larger if given the opportunity, so the best way to enjoy a profile that lacks a double chin is to maintain healthy lifestyle habits, including diet and exercise.

Is Kybella® Suitable for Everyone?

Kybella® is generally safe for most adults who are bothered by the look of their submental fat. However, individuals with certain health conditions may be better served with a different treatment option. A detailed consultation will help ensure we take the best approach.

Why Choose Sood Center for Kybella® Treatments?

Dr. Sood and Sood Center’s talented team are driven by a commitment to delivering beautiful results via exceptional service with trusted treatments and techniques. If you’re aiming at refining your appearance by getting rid of a double chin, know that both women and men count on Dr. Sood and his team for their meticulous approach and genuine care for each patient’s unique needs. Ready to remove that stubborn submental fat and refine your chin profile with Kybella® in New Jersey? Contact Sood Center, serving Linwood (609.904.5390) and Haddonfield (856.403.9686), to schedule a consultation and unlock your path to confident living.


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Sood Center offers several treatments and services that reduce the appearance of excess fat. These can be non-surgical, like CoolSculpting®, or surgical, such as liposuction.

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