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Powerful Treatments Make for Beautiful Results at NJ’s Sood Center in Haddonfield and Linwood

Women and men come to Sood Center with a range of cosmetic goals, which is why we offer numerous lasers, lights, and energy treatments at our NJ-based practice. Generating heat below the surface of the skin can trigger rejuvenating effects, removing heat can diminish fat cells, stimulating contractions can build muscle, and more. If you tell us what you want to accomplish, we can tell you what treatments can help get you there!

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For lasers, lights, and energy treatments in NJ, contact Sood Center for a consultation. Call 856.403.9686 (Haddonfield) or 609.904.5390 (Linwood), or send a message online.

Body Sculpting

Nonsurgical body sculpting options include CoolSculpting® for reducing stubborn fat with low temperatures and CoolTone® for toning muscles by stimulating contractions. These treatments work very well together for anyone seeking a sleeker, well-defined look.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal involves targeting follicles with light to effectively render them unable to continue to properly grow hair. This treatment can be used instead of shaving or waxing the chest, bikini line, underarms, and more.


Intense pulsed light (IPL) is not a laser, but uses “bursts” of multiple wavelengths of light for photorejuvenation. This treatment is ideal for addressing pigmentation problems and sun damage, as well as other cosmetic issues.

Laser Skin Resurfacing

Laser skin resurfacing delivers a focused beam of light into the skin to trigger the production of new collagen and elastin. The gradual buildup of these proteins gives the skin a fuller and smoother look over time.

Laser Scar Treatment

Lasting marks in the form of scars can be unwelcome reminders of past injury or trauma. A laser scar treatment targets the repaired tissue for a sort of “do-over,” encouraging new collagen production to create a less-visible mark.

Other Laser Treatments

Sood Center also offers a range of other laser treatments, including facial skin tightening, laser vein treatments, and hand and arm rejuvenation. Ready for lasers, lights, and energy treatments? NJ-area women and men can contact Sood Center for a consultation. Call 856.403.9686 (Haddonfield) or 609.904.5390 (Linwood), or send a message online.

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