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Can I Build Up a Resistance to Botox®?

Botox® has been on the US market since the 1980s, helping to slow down and erase signs of aging. Over the 40 years this injectable has been on the market, doctors like Dr. Sood of Sood Center for Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery have learned that receiving regular maintenance injections of Botox® offers patients long-lasting effects and helps them minimize and slow down the signs of aging. This can make frown lines and crow’s feet less prominent over the years, typically resulting in less frequent injections and a smaller dose Botox® to be needed to maintain results. However, some patients have asked if it is possible that they may become resistant to Botox® treatments.

While extremely rare, the answer is yes, it is possible for some repeat Botox® patients to build up a resistance to the injectable that has consistently provided such great results over the years. The reason is that for a small subset of patients, their bodies will develop antibodies to the filler following repeat injections over many years.

Is There Anything That Can Be Done to Make Sure I Won’t Become Resistant to Botox®?

One of the main reasons that so many residents trust Dr. Sood for injectables is because, as a plastic surgeon, he has advanced medical training and is best suited to help patients plan their injections over the long term. While becoming resistant is rare, Dr. Sood always plans injections for his patients to provide the best defense against building up antibodies to the solution. These include:

Only Using the Minimum Amount of Botox® Needed to Deliver Desired Results

Some practitioners licensed to inject Botox® do not have the advanced education and training as Dr. Sood on the proper amount of the solution needed to deliver results a patient will love. Unfortunately, to compensate for this lack of knowledge, sometimes these practitioners become overzealous with the amount of Botox® administered, essentially giving patients an overdose of the solution.

If you receive too much Botox® consistently during your routine injections, you are more likely to develop a resistance to Botox® over time. Therefore, you want to make sure you trust a practitioner like Dr. Sood who is specially trained to provide the proper amount of this injectable to his patients.

Ensuring a Proper Amount of Time in Between Injection Appointments

Some Med Spas will recommend you get a follow-up injection too soon after your previous injection. You may be told this is necessary to maintain results and prevent the frown lines or crow’s feet from reappearing.

Dr. Sood determines the balance of the benefit of injection with the risk of that injection coming too soon after the previous one, that it may lead to resistance.

Scheduling an Appointment to Determine Your Eligibility and Answer All Your Questions

If you are looking to erase wrinkles on your face to give a more youthful and refreshed appearance, then a consultation with Dr. Sood is right for you. During this appointment, Dr. Sood will examine your problem areas, screen you for eligibility by taking a full medical history and list of prescription medications and supplements you take, and answer all your questions about the procedure. If he feels you are a safe candidate for the procedure, you may even be able to have your injection on that very same day!

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