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Benefits of Dermaplaning/Epidermal Leveling

Dermaplaning is essentially shaving, but instead of the bacteria filled, dull razor in your shower you used on your body, the aesthetician uses a sterile medical grade blade to exfoliate skin, while removing fine, vellus hair.  The results are glowing, smooth skin, prepared for deeper penetration to absorb serums and treatments such as chemical peels.

The hair will not grow back thicker or darker as the peach fuzz on your face is not like the hair on the rest of the body and it will remain the same color and texture.

Facial hair can hold excess dirt and oils, which can clog pores so it’s important to remove it to avoid breakouts.  Without dermaplaning, your expensive products just sit on dead skin and hair.  It is an instant fix, with no downtime, and makeup goes on flawlessly!

It also helps hyper-pigmentation, aging, fine lines, wrinkles and acne scarring.  It is perfectly safe for pregnant or breastfeeding clients.

This is a relaxing, pain free addictive service, and can be done every 3-6 weeks.

Contact our office for a consultation at (609) 904-5390. If you are not ready to schedule a consultation, read our patient reviews and find out how Dr. Sood help patients address all their skin concerns.

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