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Sagging skin on the arms can make people feel self-conscious about wearing tank tops or swimsuits. An arm lift from board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Mohit Sood can help patients feel more confident. Sood Center provides a safe and comfortable environment for arm lift procedures.

What Is an Arm Lift?

An arm lift is a procedure designed to lift and shape the upper arm to give it a more toned appearance. It is performed on the triceps area, which is the lower region of the upper arm. This surgery is considered an outpatient procedure that can be performed here in our clinic under only local anesthesia.

Benefits of an Arm Lift

In many patients, the excess skin of the arms does not always respond well to exercise and may be flabby even when the rest of the body is toned. An arm lift will make it appear more muscular and eliminate sagging skin. In turn, this can make you feel more self-confident than ever before.

How Is an Arm Lift Performed?

General anesthesia is administered. This will allow Dr. Sood to make one or more incisions on the inside or back of your upper arm. The number, size, and location of these incisions will vary from one patient to the next based on body composition and anatomy.

After making the incisions, Dr. Sood will then trim and tighten internal tissue, holding it together with sutures that will dissolve on their own after time. He will then smooth the skin over your upper arm and close the incisions with stitches or surgical tape.

If a great deal of fatty tissue is present, liposuction may be used as well. Should this be necessary, a tiny tube known as a cannula will be inserted underneath the skin just after incisions are made. This tube will suction out fatty deposits to make reshaping the surrounding tissue much easier to do.

Preparing for an Arm Lift

Tobacco and certain medications can interfere with anesthesia and healing, which is why Dr. Sood may ask patients to stop smoking or abstain from taking blood-thinning drugs. He will also recommend a series of lab work that must be completed before your surgery takes place. You should make arrangements for someone to drive you home from your appointment, in addition to providing help with household chores and heavy lifting for up to two weeks afterward.

Recovery from an Arm Lift

After your surgery, bandages will be applied to your wounds to help speed healing. You should change these bandages frequently in order to prevent infection from setting in. You should also keep the area clean and dry as much as possible. Wearing compression garments can help reduce swelling and speed healing time as well.

A thin tube may be placed just underneath the skin to help with drainage. If so, you will be given instructions on how to care for this drain, and you should follow them carefully to prevent infection.

How Much Does an Arm Lift Cost?

We will be happy to discuss the cost with you during your consultation. To make an arm lift more affordable, we gladly accept checks and major credit cards as a form of payment. CareCredit® financing is also available.

Is an Arm Lift Right for Me?

If you have tried unsuccessfully to firm and tone your upper arm, this surgery can help you achieve the look you desire.

Why Choose Dr. Mohit Sood for an Arm Lift?

Dr. Sood is board certified in reconstructive and plastic surgery. He performed a fellowship in plastic and reconstructive surgery at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. His training and experience equip him to provide the results patients strive for with limited discomfort.

What to Expect During Your Arm Lift Consultation

Dr. Sood will discuss your goals with you to determine the exact results you are trying to achieve. This will help him better tailor your arm lift to fit your particular needs. He will examine your arms and skin and may take measurements as well. You will be given pre- and post-operative instructions, as well as an opportunity to apply for financing if needed.

Sagging arms can keep you from doing many of the things you love, but they don’t have to interfere with everyday life. An arm lift from Sood Center can give you the toned look you want.