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The chin is one of the major features of your face, helping to promote facial harmony and symmetry. When the chin is sunken or small compared to your other features, it can interfere with your facial balance. Aging and genetics can contribute to issues with the chin, but fortunately, dermal fillers can help provide a long-lasting fix in either case.

If you want improved facial contours, liquid chin augmentation may be your solution. Sood Center offers this procedure to clients.

What Is Liquid Chin Augmentation?

Liquid chin augmentation is a non-surgical, minimally invasive procedure that provides more volume and fullness to the chin. This type of chin augmentation is known as a “liquid” chin augmentation because it uses dermal fillers to enhance your look.

Dermal fillers are gel-like injections used throughout the face to provide fullness to areas that need it. Several filler products exist, made with different ingredients and components, but most are created with substances naturally produced by the body, making them safe to inject for cosmetic purposes.

The chin augmentation is performed by placing a small, thin needle through the skin and administering filler in the areas that would benefit most. You can have a topical anesthetic applied to make the procedure more comfortable. Dermal fillers provide immediate results, meaning you will notice a difference in your chin and facial symmetry right after your treatment.

Why Have a Liquid Chin Augmentation?

The face is delicate, requiring special care and attention. Dr. Sood has years of experience helping patients achieve natural cosmetic results. His extensive training and unique knowledge of aesthetic procedures make him more than qualified to perform your liquid chin augmentation.

Dr. Sood can create a personalized treatment plan to give you your desired outcome and help you maximize your results. Our professional team always puts your needs at the forefront as we aim to provide the highest quality treatment and experience at Sood Center. If you are interested in learning more about liquid chin augmentation, do not hesitate to schedule a consultation with us at Sood Center.

The Benefits of Liquid Chin Augmentation

One of the most significant benefits of liquid chin augmentation is the non-surgical approach. When you opt for chin enhancement through a minimally invasive procedure, you free yourself of the worries accompanying surgery, including longer recovery and a greater financial commitment.

Whether you want a more substantial change or just wish to make a subtle difference, you can receive as much or as little product as you would like. You can also choose which filler product you prefer, giving you further control over the outcome of your procedure. Dr. Sood can provide guidance and advice to help give you the best possible result.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Long Do the Results Last?

    Duration of dermal fillers is dependent upon the type of facial filler, the area that is injected, and each patient’s metabolism.. When you inject filler, the body metabolizes it over time, meaning it absorbs it. Generally, some filler products can last from 6 months to up to  18 months.

    When you attend your consultation, our team can provide better direction regarding choosing the right filler product for you and your needs. They can also discuss the results and expectations for the procedure.

  • Can a Liquid Chin Augmentation Be Combined with Other Procedures?

    The liquid chin augmentation procedure can be its own procedure, but you can also add it to a comprehensive treatment plan involving other injectable treatments. What you choose to do and how many procedures you get is up to you.

    Dr. Sood can make recommendations based on your cosmetic goals during your consultation. To reach these desired outcomes, they may suggest filler in other areas of the face and neuromodulators, like BOTOX®. Injectable treatments can work together beautifully to give you magnificent, natural-looking results.

  • Am I a Good Candidate for Liquid Chin Augmentation?

    Generally, patients who wish to add fullness and enhance their chin area are candidates for liquid chin augmentations. However, liquid chin augmentation can only add volume to the chin; it cannot remove it or substantially change the underlying facial structure. If you have more extensive needs — such as a double chin — or want a more permanent result, liquid chin augmentation may not be the right fit for you.

    Dr. Sood can recommend the ideal treatment for you, whether it be a liquid chin augmentation or another procedure.

Schedule a Chin Augmentation Consultation Today

Enhancing certain facial features, especially your chin, can help you achieve beautiful facial contours and a harmonious structure. With a liquid chin augmentation, you do not have to worry about invasive surgery and everything that comes with it.

We look forward to helping you on your aesthetic journey. Contact us to schedule your initial consultation for liquid chin augmentation today.