For patients who would like to increase the size of their behind, Dr. Sood is pleased to offer butt enhancement techniques. In particular, he uses the revolutionary new CoolTone system to tone and strengthen the muscles of the buttocks to create a lifted and full appearance. As the first surgeon to have CoolTone, Dr. Sood is qualified and experienced in using this technique to transform his patients’ bodies.

How Does Butt Enhancement With CoolTone Work?

CoolTone is a magnetic muscle stimulation system that stimulates muscle tissue in and around the buttocks. Basically, it’s like the patient is performing hundreds of leg lifts, squats, and other exercises that use the buttocks. By working these muscles, it strengthens and tones the area, leading to increased muscle mass that results in a tight, lifted booty.

Each treatment session is around 30–45 minutes, and during that time, Dr. Sood will use CoolTone to deliver energy to the muscles of the butt. Up to 25,000 supramaximal muscle contractions might occur during a single session.

Benefits of Butt Enhancement With CoolTone

As a butt enhancement tool, CoolTone has a number of benefits for patients visiting Sood Center, especially when compared to butt implants or fat transfer. These include:

  • No need for surgery or downtime
  • No implants or other synthetic substances are put into the body
  • Results are natural and long-lasting
  • Increased strength and muscle tone

In addition, CoolTone has up to 50% more magnetic intensity than the leading competitor, meaning patients can get better results in a shorter amount of time.

Who Qualifies for Butt Enhancement With CoolTone?

Since CoolTone is not an invasive procedure and does not have a lot of side effects, nearly any man or woman who would like to sculpt their behind can use CoolTone for butt enhancement. The only patients who may wish to avoid this treatment are those with:

  • Metal or electronic implants in or around the butt
  • Lack of sensation in the skin around the butt
  • Fever, tumors, or other conditions

Women who are menstruating or pregnant should also wait to have the treatment.

Cost of CoolTone Butt Enhancement

The cost of CoolTone butt enhancement varies for every patient depending on the number of treatments required and the extent of the treatment area. Many patients also like to combine CoolTone with other body contouring treatments, so package pricing may be available.

Recovering From CoolTone Butt Enhancement

Since CoolTone is a non-invasive procedure, patients can get back to their daily activities right away without any issues. They may find that their behind is a little red or swollen after the procedure, and they may experience a few muscle spasms and aches in the area. However, these symptoms are temporary and should resolve in a few days after treatment.

What to Expect From a Butt Enhancement Consultation

During a butt enhancement consultation, Dr. Sood will thoroughly examine the butt to see its current condition, as well as investigate the patient’s current health and medical records to ensure they’re a candidate for CoolTone. He’ll then listen to the patient’s goals and craft a treatment plan that will help the patient get the results they desire.

Get the Behind You’ve Always Wanted With CoolTone

With the new CoolTone system, butt enhancement doesn’t have to be a major procedure you need to take weeks off work for. Rather, you can fit in CoolTone treatments whenever you have time for them — like on your lunch break — to get the same drastic results you’re looking for.

To get started and learn more about how this procedure can help you, call our offices today at (856) 403-9686 and (609) 904-5390 to schedule your initial consultation.