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The Differences Between Incision Sites for Breast Implants

One of the key factors discussed in your consultation will be the best incision site for your breast augmentation. Choosing your incision location will depend on many factors, including the implant you choose and whether you hope to breastfeed in the future.

At Sood Center for Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery, Dr. Sood will work with you to determine which of the three most popular incisions is ideal for your goals and anatomy. Here, we discuss each type of incision and where they work best.

Breast Crease Incisions

Breast crease or inframammary incisions are the most common choice for breast augmentation. By placing the incision under the natural fold of the breast, the tiny scar of surgery is easily hidden under clothing, and larger breasts may hide the scars naturally.

Breast crease incisions are preferred when combining an augmentation with a breast lift or if you anticipate further breast surgery, as your surgeon can reopen this incision site.

Since a breast crease incision provides the best visibility and access to the implant’s pocket, this method may allow for easier and more precise implant placement. Additionally, this option is ideal when placing gummy bear or teardrop-shaped implants.

A breast crease incision avoids the milk ducts so that you can still breastfeed after the procedure.

Axillary Endoscopic Incisions

An axillary endoscopic incision utilizes an advanced surgical procedure placing the implant through an incision in the armpit’s natural fold. This method eliminates any scarring on the breast, and since the scar easily blends into the underarm crease, it results in the least noticeable scar of all options.

Since an axillary endoscopic incision uses a flexible tube with a light at the tip to guide the implant into its pocket, it allows for ideal visualization when precisely placing the implant.

Additionally, since the breast tissue is mainly untouched when using this method for implant placement, this incision is a preferred option if you hope to breastfeed in the future.

Areolar Incisions

An areolar incision is made around the areola of the nipple, allowing for direct visibility for pocket creation. While the areolar tissue may hide the scar, this method does have the potential for a more noticeable scar.

While this method does not allow for the greatest control compared to a breast crease incision, this is a preferable option if you require additional breast surgery. However, this incision may reduce your chances of breastfeeding after breast augmentation.

Learn Which Incision Is Best for You at The Sood Center

Dr. Mohit Sood at Sood Center for Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery offers his skill as a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon when determining the best procedure and methodology to achieve your desired results.

If you are interested in breast augmentation to adjust your breasts’ size, shape, and volume, visit our before and after gallery to see the results you can achieve.




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