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Fillers vs. Facelift: Which Is Better?

Should I get a facelift or fillers? Our New Jersey-based team at Sood Center knows that patients may sometimes want a more youthful, revitalized appearance, but be unsure about which type of facial rejuvenation treatment is the right choice for them.

As we age, the effects of time and lifestyle choices become evident on our faces. Sagging skin, wrinkles, and loss of volume are some common signs of aging that can impact our self-confidence and overall appearance.

Our skin loses collagen—one of the most important proteins for maintaining its strength and structure—over time, so it becomes more prone to wrinkles and other signs of aging. The basic shape of the face may change as volume is lost and some areas—such as the cheeks and lips—may become thinner. Happily, modern cosmetic procedures offer various options to combat these changes. Two popular choices are facelift surgery and facial fillers, also known as dermal fillers or injectable fillers.

In this post, we’ll explore how facelift surgery compares to facial fillers to help you decide which option is better suited for you and your goals.


A facelift, also known as rhytidectomy, is a surgical procedure designed to address the visible signs of facial aging. It involves lifting and tightening the underlying facial muscles and tissues, removing excess skin, and re-draping the skin to achieve a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance. Facelifts are commonly used to target sagging skin since the surgery essentially “lifts up” areas of the face to restore facial contours. A facelift is often the better choice for patients who want more comprehensive and dramatic changes. The goal is to sculpt a smoother, tighter appearance with natural-looking results.

Facial Fillers

Facial fillers are injectable, minimally invasive treatments that involve injecting gels into certain areas of the face to add volume for reducing wrinkles or refining facial contours. Fillers are less invasive than facelifts since they do not involve surgery and there’s a shorter recovery time. However, unlike plastic surgery, the results of fillers are more subtle, temporary, and wear off after a few months or years, so they will require more maintenance than a facelift. If you are not ready to commit to surgery and have less severe signs of facial aging, fillers may be the better option. Unlike a facelift, fillers cannot remove or tighten sagging skin. Meanwhile, a typical facelift won’t reduce surface wrinkles or add significant volume.

Why not both? Some patients decide to have fillers after a facelift to soften their appearance and refine the results.

So should you get a facelift or fillers? Contact our New Jersey-based Sood Center for Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery for more information about these cosmetic treatments to find out which option is ideal for you. Call us (609) 701-4668 (Linwood) or (856) 746-6162 (Haddonfield) or submit a contact form to request a consultation.

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