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As a physician and patient of Dr. Sood, he is a talented surgeon who displays professionalism, yet has the warmth and understanding that puts a patient at ease. South Jersey health care has taken a gigantic leap forward with Dr. Sood’s presence.

Dr. Sood and Caroline are amazing! I’ve never felt more comfortable with a doctor and I would refer anyone to see him, and I plan to refer everyone I see! The true difference, the Sood Team has true love for their patients and they show that in everything they do. Hope they never change!

Attended a special evening with Dr. Sood and his wonderful staff. If you are looking for more than just an amazing Doctor…Then hurry to the Sood Center…Dr Sood is probably the sweetest and most honest “Enhancement Specialist”!! He and his staff are game changers in this industry!

From the very first contact with the office I was treated with such kindness and compassion. Dottie is so cheerful and polite and may I say the nicest person I’ve ever spoken to in any medical or dental office. Dr. Sood was over the top professional candid and very honest with me during my consultation. He was thorough with his explanation of all procedures and made me confidant in his abilities if I choose to have the surgery.”

I am confident in saying that Dr. Sood has provided me with the very best treatment possible, and I feel fortunate to have been referred to him. I have already referred him to friends and family in need of a plastic surgeon, and will continue to do so, as I whole-heartedly believe that my treatment and care could not have been any better.

Dr. Sood was very professional yet made me feel comfortable and was compassionate of my circumstances. I certainly was not just a number to him. He wanted to help me. He explained every step we would be taking to correct my problems. Thanks to his dedication I am myself again.

I put my trust in Dr. Sood tonight and had the chance to experience his wonderful bedside manner and enormous talent as a plastic surgeon. As a cardiac specialist myself, I can only say – thank you!

Dr Sood is one of the most compassionate Dr I have come across my life and their have been plenty. He does excellent work not just surgical he makes sure you are taking care of inside and out. I am very thankful for having a DR like him and I refer everyone to him.


Dr Sood is amazing!!! Lovely ladies in the office also, all around an awesome experience I highly recommend


Always professional, Dr.Sood is an excellent Plastic Surgeon with very talented plastic and reconstructive technique.


I had had a emergency caesarean procedure 23 years prior that was cut vertical so all my stomach muscles were separated and there was no getting rid of my belly after that. I had three years prior to my tummy tuck lost 50 lbs on Weight Watchers and was so happy with myself except for my stomach area that nothing was going to take away. No weight loss or exercise was going to make that area look and feel like the rest of me did after my weight loss. So I decided to meet and have a consultation with Dr. Sood regarding a tummy tuck. Didn’t think I would actually do it but I just felt so comfortable and trusting of Dr. Sood that I instantly agreed to go forward with the procedure. So on June 18, 2015, I had my tummy tuck. The procedure went well and Dr. Sood was wonderful. Recovery in the beginning was fine but there were some bumps in the road. And Dr. Sood was there for me every time. Even on the 4th of July holiday when I called him regarding fluid retention. He called me right back and talked me down. Saw me immediately after to calm my fears and as always he did just that.

 — Kate

When I made the decision to have my surgical procedure, I did a lot of research into Doctors in my area. Dr. Sood’s reputation preceded him. When I finally met him along with his Patient Coordinator, with my husband, they took an hour to explain everything and to outline the Doctor’s plans, the pros and cons of each option and they made me feel very comfortable. Due to the length of my procedure, the Doctor insisted on having it at the hospital as opposed to an outpatient facility in order to ensure my safety and to add another layer of comfort. The day of the surgery, he took the time to visit with me ahead of time, review once again everything and he even spoke with my husband to ensure that he had no questions. My husband told me that during the procedure, his nursing assistant called several times to update him on the status. I could not be happier with the results. I feel and look younger.


Dr. Sood:

In recent years , although I felt I looked “OK” for middle age, I wanted to look younger but, in a natural way. I wanted to do “something’ but dreaded that reaction “Oh, did you have plastic surgery” ….I didn’t realize there was another option, to just get “tweaked” Juvaderm and Botox….Something subtle that made me look refreshed…..Sort of like I had been on a long vacation without actually going anywhere…. When I found Dr. Sood, I immediately felt reassured. Our session was “collaborative”. Finally a Doctor who listened, really listened to what I wanted and addressed my needs on a very individual basis. I arranged a visit and brought several of my colleagues (the average age of a nurse is 50) who were all, in their own way, seeking a subtle kind of improvement. Everyone, to a person, felt pleased with the results and even more pleased with the way they were treated by Dr Sood. Being health care professionals, it was especially important for us to feel confident in his professionalism and also comfortable with our personal interactions with him. I would encourage anyone who is hesitant to take the first step in having any cosmetic work done to consider it; every day I am happy with the results. Even something very conservative and modest makes a big difference in my appearance and how I feel about myself and getting older. I am pleased to have discovered Dr. Sood and appreciative of his considerable skills. Now when people tell me I look well rested and younger, I just smile.


Oh my where do I begin? My experience with Dr. Mohit Sood was one of the most rewarding experiences in my life. After having my children I was left with a less than desirable stomach ( at least in my eyes), and my breast where entirely too huge for my body. I was wearing a “H” cup bra, and they were beginning to take a toll on my body. I decided that I was going to get a breast reduction and tummy tuck, but who could do them both without leaving a nasty war zone scar from hip to hip and reduce my breast to a size that I could be happy with without me loosing my nipple? Dr. Sood that’s who!

I had a breast augmentation performed by Dr. Sood at the end of 2013.  My goal was to have my breast look fuller again after having breastfed 3 children.  Dr. Sood was very helpful before and after the surgery.  I am totally pleased with the results and have recommended several women to make an appointment to see Dr. Sood.