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Long-lasting results with an injectable filler are entirely possible, thanks to Sculptra®. Board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Mohit Sood is highly experienced at providing Sculptra® injections in a precise manner to help achieve the best possible results for his South Jersey patients.

What Is Sculptra®?

Sculptra Aesthetic LogoSculptra® is a gel-like substance consisting of a synthetic form of lactic acid, which is naturally produced in the muscles after exercise. This medication stimulates the body to produce more collagen, a substance responsible for tight, firm skin. Sculptra® is approved by the FDA for treating lost volume in the face and certain areas of the body that occurs due to aging. This filler can also help smooth lines and wrinkles, particularly parentheses or “laugh lines.”

A series of two to three injections is normally given at six- to ten-week intervals. Results typically last for up to two years; however, a maintenance injection might be needed after one year.

Benefits of Sculptra®

Sculptra® provides many of the same benefits as other dermal fillers, but its results can be noticed much longer. It cannot be used to treat frown lines or forehead wrinkles; however, you may also receive other injectable treatments such as Botox® or Dysport®, provided those injections are spaced far enough apart.

How Is Sculptra® Administered?

Dr. Sood will cleanse your face with an antiseptic cleanser to prepare it for the injection. Based upon your treatment plan, he will select a certain amount of Sculptra® to place inside a syringe. This syringe, which contains an ultra-fine needle, will be inserted just underneath your skin in one or more areas of your face to provide you with the desired results. Slightly deeper injections may be needed in certain areas if deep wrinkling is present. After the injection is completed, you can then schedule your next appointment.

Meet Dr. Sood

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Preparing for Sculptra®

Make sure your skin is in good condition prior to your appointment. To do this, you should do the following:

  • Avoid extreme sun exposure, including tanning beds
  • Refrain from using harsh cleansers or undergoing chemical peels
  • Avoid having other injectable fillers administered in close proximity to any one of your Sculptra® injections. Dr. Sood will guide you on when and how you may have other injectables performed to ensure positive results without any complications.

Do not wear anything on your face the day of your appointment. Certain facial or lip piercings may need to be removed as well.

Recovery from Sculptra®

Immediately after the injection you may experience the following:

  • Light bruising
  • Swelling
  • Itching
  • Numbness or tingling

Normally, these symptoms are relatively mild and are not overly bothersome. If they do become problematic, applying an ice pack or taking an over-the-counter medication should provide relief.

How Much Does Sculptra® Cost?

The number and type of treatments you require to achieve your desired look will play a role in how much Sculptra® costs. During your consultation, we will discuss your cost once Dr. Sood has come up with a treatment plan. The final step in your consultation will involve explaining the various payment options we have available, which include cash, personal checks, credit cards, and CareCredit® Financing.

Is Sculptra® Right for Me?

South Jersey patients who would like a subtle change in their appearance that only gets better over time, Sculptra® may be an excellent choice.

“Dr. Sood could not be more sensitive and caring. He gave me the confidence to have the work done and made me feel very comfortable..I highly recommend Dr. Sood.”– Happy Patient


What to Expect During Your Sculptra® Consultation

The most important thing that will happen during your consultation is reviewing your health history to make sure there are no obvious conditions that could result in complications. Once that is accomplished, your personal goals will be discussed, as this will allow Dr. Sood to come up with a treatment plan. Financing and payment options will be given to you, and then you will be given an opportunity to ask questions.

Why Choose Dr. Mohit Sood for Sculptra®?

Since Sculptra® requires multiple visits, you should trust your care to a physician who makes you feel comfortable and is concerned with putting your best interests first. Dr. Sood is committed to putting his South Jersey patients first and will always do what’s effective for you while you are in his care.

Looking younger doesn’t have to mean looking fake, nor does it mean extensive surgery or short-term fixes. Sculptra® provides a more youthful yet natural look that can be enjoyed for up to two years. To find out more, South Jersey patients can contact Dr. Mohit Sood at (609) 904-5390.

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