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Reconstructive Surgery in South Jersey

Injury, disease, or birth defects sometimes leave people disfigured and self-conscious about the way they look. Reconstructive surgery performed by board-certified South Jersey plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Mohit Sood at his Linwood, New Jersey clinic can restore a person’s appearance so he or she no longer feels embarrassed.

What Is Reconstructive Surgery?

Reconstructive surgery is actually a broad term that can be used to describe a number of procedures designed to restore certain parts of the body to their former appearance. Some common types of reconstructive surgery include the following:

Benefits of Reconstructive Surgery

Long after wounds have healed, the effects of an injury linger whenever someone has become disfigured. Reconstructive surgery allows for complete healing by restoring an individual to his or her former glory. This in turn results in greater self-confidence and, for many people, the freedom to enjoy life again. Other benefits include the following:

  • Procedures tailored to meet each person’s needs
  • Procedures covered by medical insurance in many cases

How Is Reconstructive Surgery Performed?

The surgery varies based on the exact procedure(s) needed. Dr. Sood will discuss the particulars with you during your consultation.

Preparing for Reconstructive Surgery

The manner in which you prepare for surgery will also vary based upon the type of procedure you are undergoing. You will be provided with pre-operative instructions prior to your appointment.

Recovery from Reconstructive Surgery

Some surgeries may require you to take time off from work or strictly limit your activities for several weeks afterward. During your consultation, you will be given post-operative instructions to help you prepare. Dr. Sood will also review these instructions with you prior to releasing you from care to ensure you fully understand them.

How Much Does Reconstructive Surgery Cost?

Cost will depend on which surgery or surgeries you need. Each one is priced differently, and you will be given a breakdown of the cost during your initial consultation. The various payment options will also be explained, and you will be given an opportunity to apply for CareCredit® financing if needed.

Is Reconstructive Surgery Right for Me?

Patients who elect to have reconstructive surgery are normally very self-conscious about the way they look after an accident or illness and wish to return to their former appearance. If you are deeply troubled about your appearance due to irregularities, reconstructive surgery can help you take control of the situation and get your life back on track again.

Why Choose Dr. Mohit Sood for Reconstructive Surgery?

To fully restore your appearance, more than one procedure might be needed. Dr. Sood is skilled at performing a number of operations, so you can trust your entire care from start to finish with the same physician to allow for better results.

What to Expect During Your Reconstructive Surgery Consultation

Dr. Sood will assess the damage and then recommend the procedures he thinks would best rectify your problem area(s). He will thoroughly explain his reasoning to ensure you understand and agree with his decision. Depending on the answers you give on your health history questionnaire, Dr. Sood may also recommend a series of laboratory and/or blood work be done.

Suffering from a disfigurement can seriously affect your quality of life. Restore your confidence and zest for living by allowing Dr. Mohit Sood of South Jersey to perform reconstructive surgery. To schedule a consultation, contact him today!