With the abundance of recent advancements and the creation of new, less invasive procedures, plastic surgery is no longer used exclusively by the jet set. Those who wish to make either subtle or drastic changes to their appearance trust board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Mohit Sood at The Sood Center.

What Is Plastic Surgery?

In a nutshell, plastic surgery is the major or minor change of the physical appearance through surgical procedures designed to help patients to feel better about themselves and their looks. While there are multiple reasons why patients choose surgery, every patient is psychologically evaluated to make sure they are sound enough to undergo procedures, and that they have realistic expectations.

What Is a Typical Plastic Surgery Patient Like?

These days, almost anyone can be a candidate for plastic surgery — there is no specific type of person we see above anyone else. What our patients share, is a desire to boost their self-confidence, whether they have an important and specific event coming up, need help reconstructing their looks after an accident or simply want to fix an issue that’s bothering them. None of these reasons is more valid than the other, and surgery is and should always be your choice.

Why Choose Plastic Surgery?

There are many reasons to opt for plastic surgery, but it’s important to enter a procedure confident in your decision and fully informed about the outcome and the recovery. Common reasons include a desire to improve a specific feature, reconstruction after a mastectomy or facial reconstruction after surviving a car accident. We also see many clients who are in wonderful physical shape but wish to address so-called “problem areas” that are not responding to their diet and workout routine. Whatever your reason, contact Dr. Sood to set up a consultation today.