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Breast Enhancement in South Jersey

Women who are unhappy with how their breasts look have a number of options for improving their appearance. Board-certified South Jersey plastic surgeon Dr. Mohit Sood provides a number of breast enhancement procedures for his patients at The Sood Center in Linwood, New Jersey.

What Is Breast Enhancement?

Breast enhancement refers to any procedure that improves the appearance or shape of the breasts. It can include, but is not limited to, the following:

In some cases, more than one procedure may be performed at the same time to produce optimum results. For example, a breast lift and augmentation are often performed together to give the illusion of fuller, firmer breasts.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Breast Enhancement Surgery?

Women who would like larger breasts or who have lost mass due to pregnancy or weight loss may want to consider a breast augmentation. Those with sagging breasts due to a loss of skin elasticity, dieting, or breastfeeding could benefit from a breast lift.

The ideal candidate for any breast enhancement surgery will be in fairly good health and have reasonable expectations of the results. Breast enhancement surgery is only for patients ages 18 and over.

What Should I Consider Before Having Breast Enhancement Surgery?

To be happy with your results, you should carefully evaluate your reasons for wanting breast enhancement surgery. You should also think about the results you desire, particularly when considering breast augmentation. Many women expect implants to make them especially voluptuous, but depending on your anatomy, this might not be possible. The size of implants will depend on the amount of breast tissue you currently have, meaning a dramatic increase in volume is not likely if you have very small breasts.

Breast enhancement surgery can enhance your self-confidence and improve your appearance. Contact Dr. Mohit Sood at The Sood Center to find out more.