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Body Contouring in South Jersey

Extreme weight loss and strenuous workout routines still leave many people unhappy with their bodies. A number of body contouring procedures performed by board-certified South Jersey plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Mohit Sood of The Sood Center in Linwood, New Jersey can help you obtain the proportions you desire.

What Is Body Contouring?

Body contouring is the process of modifying one or more body parts to give them a slimmer, more toned appearance. Some of the more common body contouring procedures include the following:

How Is Body Contouring Performed?

The procedure will depend on the exact area you wish to firm and tone, as well as your own anatomy. Two of the most common methods of contouring are liposuction and fat transfer. Dr. Sood may also trim excess skin or other tissue to help tighten certain areas. Some problem areas may require a combination of techniques to produce the desired results. The exact method of contouring will be discussed in detail during your initial consultation.

What Are the Benefits of Body Contouring?

Certain areas of the body can be difficult to firm and tone; regardless of how much you diet or work out. Body contouring allows you to achieve a more fit appearance when traditional methods of diet and exercise have failed. It is not intended to be a substitute for exercise and/or weight loss, but instead is designed to complement your efforts.

Body contouring surgeries can be especially beneficial to those who have recently lost a significant amount of weight. Skin that has stretched due to weight loss cannot be reduced naturally, so those who want to show off their trimmer figures may need to have excess skin surgically removed in order to do so.

Body contouring can make you look younger and feel more confident. To find out more about body contouring procedures, patients in South Jersey can contact Dr. Mohit Sood.